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Do you want to make more money selling industry leading Cloud Servers under your own brand?
  • In the age of cloud computing, everything is up for change. No program, no red tape, no problems, just order any of our Cloud Servers and you instantly become a Cloud Reseller. Are you a developer, IT consultant, systems integrator, Managed Service Provider, or ISV looking to add recurring revenue streams or just want to capitalize on your influence in helping customers select the right cloud computing provider?

    Join our White-label Cloud Reseller Program and help your customers and contacts transition to our cloud servers today. Hostnerdz has the easiest to use Cloud platform on the market today.

    Hostnerdz Cloud Reseller allows you to create your own private cloud environment, within which you can create, move, resize or destroy any number of virtual instances. With minute control of your resources and the ability to move instances to the public cloud or create a public network of private cloud servers, the usage possibilities are endless.

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  • A100% white-label solution. Your brand, your pricing, your billing
  • Advanced white label control panel
  • Whmcs billing software
  • Options to back up your external hard drive, entire operating system & more
  • 24/7/365 support by email
  • Save time and money with automation
  • Cheap SSL certificates
  • No Minimums, no maximums and no yearly contracts
  • Offer  preconfigured templates and images
  • Create, store and deploy your own customer server templates for your customers
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